Eyelash Extensions FAQ’s

 Eyelash Extensions?

 Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes strands that mimic the natural shape and feel of a natural eyelash. They are made from synthetic polyester, Mink, Faux-Mink and Silk.  Eyelashes  vary in thickness, length and curvature, the strands are individually applied to one natural eyelash at a time. Eyelash extension applied by an experienced stylist will make your natural lashes look longer and fuller. 


How should they look and feel and How long do they last?

Eyelash Extensions applied by a certified and experienced stylist should look and feel natural. They should not feel heavy and they do not hurt. Every application is custom done to suit every individual. The natural Eyelash thickness and length are carefully consider at each application time.

With proper application and maintenance refills Eyelash Extension will remain in place until the natural lash completes their growth cycle and falls out ( 60 t0 90 days ). When natural eyelash sheds the eyelash extension will fall with it. Please keep in mind that other factors could cause eyelash extension to fall as well, environment, friction, sleeping patterns, etc. 

Eyelash extension maintenance should be done every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain a full gorgeous look.


Benefits of Eyelash Extensions? 

-Extension of your beauty!

-Fuller, Longer and Darker Eyelashes

-Eyeliner effect

-Rejuvenated look, rested and awaken appearance

-No need to use mascara, little make-up.

-Look beautiful and sexy all day long. 


Eyelash Extension Process and Application time

Client comfortably lay down with eyes closed while natural eyelashes and eye area are clean and prepare for eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are gently applied with closed eyes and without any discomfort or pain involved. 

-A full set of Eyelash extensions applied by a professional and experienced stylist should take between 90 to 120 minutes 

-Eyelash Extensions Refills or Touch-ups should take 45 to 60 minutes.


I have no natural lashes, can I wear Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are only applied on the natural lashes. You must have natural lashes in order to have the application.



Spray Tanning FAQ'S

 I don’t tan naturally can I still get a sunless tan?

Yes! All skin types can get some color from sunless tanning. 


I sunless tanning safe for sensitive skin?

Please let us know if you have sensitivities to specific products.  Our solution is organic certified DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and hypoallergenic, con comedogenic, vegan and gluten-free. Our solution is formulated with highest quality blend of natural and organic ingredients and it is FDA approved. 


What do I need to do before my sunless tanning appointment?

The process is simple. Ideally bring some loose dark clothing to wear after the session. Also, you made want to plan your rinse off time on that specific day. 


What can I expect during my sunless tanning session?

This is simple! If it is your first visit, please allow 20-30 minutes for your whole session. When you arrive on your first visit, you will fill out your pre-tan waiver. Then we will take you to the spray room where we will discuss prep and your custom color. You will then be left to prepare, and we will check to make sure you are ready. The airbrush artist will then enter the room, prep, and spray. You just stand and turn per the instruction, and that’s it! We will do the rest...blending, drying and detailing...to ensure your tan is flawless. After the tan is complete, you will be left to dress. At checkout, you will receive all instructions so you need to go home with confidence that your tan will be amazing!


How long will my appointment take?

If it is your first visit, please allow 20-30 minutes for the entire appointment. You will need to dry a bit after and then dress so we don’t recommend making your appointment when you are in a hurry. Once you have experienced the process for the first time and familiarized with procedure you will be in and out appointment much faster.


Do I have to be completely naked for my tan session?

No! You can wear, or not wear, whatever you would like during your appointment. Tanning is what we do. We have seen it ALL after all these years and take our confidentiality policy very seriously, so you’re in good hands. Just keep tan lines in mind, so consider what you wear prior to appointment. Black bathing suits are recommended. We do provide disposable thongs.


Can I go swimming or workout after my tan?

You cannot swim, sweat, or get wet at all during the development time just after being sprayed. We do not recommend swimming or working out 24 hours after being sprayed. This gives the tan ample time to set in without being negatively affected by the exfoliating that sweating and soaking can have on the body. Just note that sweating, soaking, rubbing, scrubbing, chlorinated water and hot tubs will all fade the tan faster.


I'm Pregnant! Can I still spray?

Yes! Sunless tanning is perfectly safe! We have fully ventilated rooms and state-of-the-art tanning equipment to ensure the cleanest air possible. The air is so clean that we have white floors and counter tops! We will provide you with a surgical mask for you to wear if you are concerned. We recommend to consult with your physician before your tanning appointment.


What do I wear to my airbrush tan?

 Lady’s you are welcome to wear as little or as much as you are comfortable wearing. You can choose to go topless wear a bra or a bikini.  Just keep tan lines in mind. We provide disposable thongs if you prefer. We suggest you visit our HOW TO PREP page so you can make this experience flawless!


Will my skin look orange?

Your skin will not look orange! Our sunless tanning solution is derivative of sugarcane or beets which turns brown after the appropriate development time. Also, our solutions are customized to each individual client depending on their desire look. We aim to provide a natural looking tan that looks amazing!!! Sun Kissed!


Do I need to wear sunscreen when I am outside after my sunless tan?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Spray tanning does not protect you from the sun or UV rays so please be sure to wear proper sun protection.




Please call Lash Tango Studio at 914-393.7739 to book your appointment. We will ask for your complete name, phone number, email, and your desired appointment time. Also, at this time we also, require a credit/debit card number or package code/number to hold your appointment. We only ask for this information to secure your spot and to cover us in the event that you do not cancel in time or are a no show, resulting in a loss for us that could have been filled by another client.


All spray tans sessions are by appointment only. We do require a credit card to hold your appointment time. You may cancel your appointment anytime up to 2 hours before your scheduled service with     no penalty. Cancelling within the 2 hour before your schedule service will result in a charge of $20

NO SHOW schedule tan service will be charged in full ($50) or the fee of the schedule service amount.

Clients with existing tanning packages that are a NO SHOW, one tan will be deducted from their balance.