Xtreme Volume Mascara™ (0.27oz): 

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Xtreme Volume Mascara™ (0.27oz):

It’s time to turn up the volume! Each stroke of the precision, lash-separating brush delivers rich color, high gloss and eXtreme volume. A nourishing formula, enriched with botanical extracts, strengthens and conditions. Long-lasting and water-resistant for an all-day allure.

  • Formulated for eyelash extensions and natural lashes.
  • Ingredients such as Allantoin, Mushroom Extract, and Royal Jelly Extract nourish and rejuvenate the lashes.
  • Extracts of Tea, Calendula, Parsley, Angelica, and Cornus (Dogwood Fruit) add shine and protection.
  • Enjoy effortless removal with Aloe-based Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover and Lint-Free Xtreme Applicators.

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